Realtime Gaming Review

Established in the late 1990s, Realtime Gaming was launched with the sole purpose of developing and releasing online gaming software and software solutions for the growing Internet gambling industry. Although Realtime Gaming was a latecomer to the game world, with most of the reputable companies at the time having their start years sooner, it didn’t take long for the company to get solid footing in the industry by implementing a brand of common sense gaming solutions. Their gaming software seemed to match perfectly to their company’s slogan, Take Gaming Seriously. Realtime wasn’t in the business of releasing whimsical, 3D rendered computer games. They were approaching the industry with a virtual realness, developing games that stood out as “real” gambling games that people could appreciate.

Because of their attention to detail and insistence that online games could offer the same type of sensory experience as live casino-based games, Realtime Gaming quickly took off in the industry. Having a seat at the Interactive Gaming Council and the iGGBA certainly helped their efforts, but it was their quality and ease of use that propelled their name to the top of the list behind other giants like Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic. Their graphics aren’t offering that run-of-the-mill “cartoonish” appearance. Instead, the deep colors and textures of the graphic art makes the games stand out in high-definition – as if you’re looking at a real roulette wheel and a real blackjack table.

It might be their attention to detail and realness that makes them unique in the gaming world, but it’s their reputable practice of custom-tailoring solutions for operators that makes them a sought after provider in the industry. Any online casino operator choosing to employ the Realtime Gaming platform will have no trouble integrating the platform into the existing framework of the site. Realtime makes sure that their software is always implemented correctly, and they will take over to ensure that things go smoothly. One of their main strategies over the years has been to provide online casinos with the correct tools. By having the tools in place, the implementation of the games goes a lot easier.

One of the criticisms Realtime Gaming receives is that their standards aren’t as strict as others in the industry, like Crytoplogic that requires each licensee to follow the strict guidelines of the software company. However, Realtime Gaming believes that leaving ethical standards up to the casino host will allow for more freedom and more diversity with their brand, and not simply a “groupthink” mentality that limits action. This enables Realtime Gaming’s software to be offered to some United States players, meaning that the company, while not one of the largest, is certainly one of the most profitable.

Realtime Gaming offers a decent assortment of games. You won’t find hundreds upon hundreds of games with various operating platforms through this company. They’re basically not large enough as an organization to release so many. But what you will find is superior to other software platforms in terms of realism. You will find all the basic casino favorites like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, stud, and much more like video poker and slot machines.