In the world of online money transactions, many sites claim to have the market cornered. Some offer free signup, no credit checks, competitive transfer rates, and even debit cards that allow you to use your online account like a credit – minus the insane interest rates and susceptibility to getting in over your head.

Every once in a while, a site will come along that offers a no-nonsense approach to online transactions. With POLi and their payment service, customers receive an easy to use, secure base from which they can complete numerous transactions. POLi allows you to pay an online merchant, such as a casino, EBay, etc, directly from your internet banking facility.

POLi comes in handy if you want to do your shopping online, but don’t have or want to use a credit card. To avoid all of the interest and/or surcharges payable on credit card transactions, POLi lets you pay one simple fee to the merchant, immediately notifying them of your complete transaction.

All internet transaction sites use some form of security, but POLi uses the best available security out there. And unlike PayPal which stores your login information on your PayPal homepage, POLi stores no information at all, making it impossible for anyone but you to access your account. This scores big points with POLi users.

POLi has many upsides. They’re safe and secure, professionally constructed, and their support team is tops when it comes to answering your questions. The only downside to their service is that they cater mostly to the Australian and New Zealand crowd. But Aussies and Kiwis should rejoice; POLi is ahead of the curve in the world of online banking. POLi uses the “Pay Anyone” or “3rd Party Payment” features of internet banking, so you must have your account filled with enough money to complete the transaction you want.

Also, you have to download an ActiveX application for your browser (IE, version 6.0 or higher). Though it may seem like an inconvenience, ActiveX applications download in around 10 seconds, even on dialup.

Signing up for POLi is like signing up with any other website basically. First, you fill out their easy forms, confirm your email address, and proceed to the next step. When transferring money into your POLi account, simply give them your bank account ID, and the money will immediately show up in their account (unless your particular bank has delays).

Finally, when you’re ready to purchase something online, simply click on the POLi logo and log in to your account. By using POLi, you ensure that the particular internet merchant never lays eyes on your personal information. They can only take the amount charged.

Centricom Pty Ltd doesn’t charge you at all for making a POLi payment, but your bank will charge their normal fee for transactions. Also, the individual internet merchant may charge a fee. The best part about using POLi is that there aren’t any surcharges on your payments. Since you’re paying with your money and not on credit, the need to worry about hidden charges is eliminated