Playtech Review

Apart from Microgaming, Playtech may be the best-known online gaming software distributor on the planet. Of course, they weren’t always considered on the cutting edge of the industry. Like so many before them, Playtech had to go through multiple platforms before finding the one that worked the best – and they’re still attempting to improve on their software solutions today. Founded in Estonia and established in 2000, Playtech celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and after a decade in the business, much has changed in the way Playtech delivers both games and software solutions to site owners implementing their platform.

Playtech is unique in a couple of different ways. For starters, they claim to put more into the development of their software than any other company out there. Even an aspect as seemingly simple as their company website is constantly upgraded and features video and audio options to enable people to learn about the company. If they excel at all in the field, it’s for this very reason – Playtech’s attention to detail is second to none in the industry. They also step beyond the bounds of simply distributing reputable software. Playtech also helps to closely manage their casino, poker and bingo games. This hands-on approach has earned the company multiple awards in their respective industry.

There are many reasons for Playtech’s enormous popularity in the field, but perhaps none of these reasons are more easily understood than the games. The way Playtech keeps its hands on the inner workings and security is a little behind the scenes for the average player, but the games are right out in the forefront. The software platform Playtech implements gives all players ready access to user-friendly, realistic games that run well on even slow or old computers. All told, Playtech features over 170 games, including casino favorites like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, video poker and more. They also have bingo games, keno, poker and an impressive selection of slot machines, featuring some of the best progressive slots online.

2004 was when Playtech really started to pick up in popularity. The iPoker Network was launched that year, and after only three years of operation, it became the biggest poker network in the world. Playtech didn’t slow down at all, and in 2005, the company launched its mobile gaming platform, allowing players to have a brand of on-the-go gaming without sacrificing any game-play functionality, graphics or sound. Playtech has been expanding rapidly in recent years. In 2006, they entered into the land-based casino market, offering great games at live casinos. Over the past few years, they have expanded their reach and now offer games to players in Italy, Spain, Serbia and other countries where online gambling wasn’t found on a widespread level previously.

Playtech claims to be far more than a simple software developer. They stand behind this claim with their expansion into different fields. In 2009, Playtech started airing live television and ventured into widespread sports betting. In their five global branches, Playtech employs over 800 people to keep their business running smoothly.