MyCitadel Wallet

myCitadel Wallet is a payment service that enables users to transfer to and withdraw funds from hundreds of various internet sites. An exciting new internet payment method from Citadel Commerce Electronic Check Cashing System, myCitadel is turning heads and gathering a full head of steam on its way to payment method supremacy.

myCitadel allows users to store real cash online for use at all participating internet sites, making it easy to transfer cash into your myCitadel wallet directly from your bank and transfer cash from your wallet directly into your bank account.

As an added luxury, myCitadel allows you to transfer money to participating internet merchants instantaneously without having to share any personal information, such as banking. Your banking and other personal details will always stay within your myCitadel wallet, so you are never providing this information to any merchant.

This ultimate payment system also offers unprecedented internet transaction security, as well as a host of other new features, including an optional ATM card and other payment options.

In order to compete with other internet transaction methods, myCitadel has put together an impressive list of benefits to entice their users and always keep them safeguarded. No matter what, myCitadel is always free to deposit and free to pay. Instead of charging you for deposits and withdrawals, myCitadel will take a very small percentage upon transactions.

You can also shop with confidence with myCitadel, sharing zero personal details about yourself. You’ll be able to send money to friends and relatives who don’t have a myCitadel Wallet. Instant funding allows you to get up and running as soon as you sign up. Convenient deposit options offer real-time bank transfers, direct bank deposits, and credit/debit cards. And flexible withdrawal options allow you to transfer money, make a deposit into your bank account, or receive a check by mail.

The secure features on myCitadel are second to none. No matter if you have 5 cents or 5 thousand dollars in your account, you’re protected by myCitadel’s impressive security features. You have 100% protection against any unauthorized payments sent from your account. And if someone does hit that one-in-a-million stroke and somehow makes an unauthorized purchase, myCitadel will totally reimburse you.

Users will find that myCitadel prides itself on being trustworthy and reliable. Unlike other online payment methods that charge a hefty percentage and operate with an “at your own risk” mentality, myCitadel stands fully responsible should problems arise.

If you do happen to encounter any problems at all, myCitadel’s friendly customer support team is always available to answer any questions you may have about their service. Their staff is available any time of the day, any day of the year. With all that myCitadel offers, they are the complete package for anyone interested in online transactions. Their service is safe, secure, easy to use, contains no hidden charges, and you can even win free prizes just by spending your own money. myCitadel is a favorite method of payment for every poker player, sports better, and other types of gamer out there. Just sign up free with myCitadel to see why.