Visa, the lead-runner in the credit card race, has recently introduced the world to their prepaid Visa, PayWave Visa, and more, including their Virtual Visa. Operated by Ixaris Systems Ltd, EntroPay is an online bank that uses the Virtual Visa to handle all of your transactions, both safely and easily. Branded as a global payment solution, EntroPay is making waves with people from all across the globe due to their easy to use, reliable system. They operate by using 2 separate systems, one for consumers, and the other for businesses. The first lets you receive a prepaid Virtual Visa Card, no matter your credit history, pay instantly anywhere that Visa is accepted, and keeps your personal data personal. The second for businesses allows you to send and receive payments, gain new customer segments, and keep transaction costs low.

Unfortunately, EntroPay is not very popular with Americans; this is due to the American poker crowd. Since it’s illegal in the U.S. for citizens to gamble for real money online, EntroPay follows suit by not allowing Americans to receive an EntroPay card. But that’s only one demographic, and EntroPay caters to a host of other countries, making casino and poker transactions easy. EntroPay and their Virtual Visa also enjoy modest popularity because of the reliable and quick service they offer. By transferring money from your credit card or bank account into your EntroPay account, you can make purchases online or offline with your Visa debit card.

Their features are the same as other online transaction sites: It’s easy to join. Just sign up and you can be playing games or making purchases in minutes. You’ll receive all the best security available online, keeping your money safe at all times. You will also receive around the clock online support from a friendly team of professionals who are willing to help you with all of your questions. With EntroPay, you can use your card from anywhere in the world, and anywhere that Visa is accepted. You won’t have to worry about being over the limit with your credit card, or even running up unnecessary charges.

The upside of EntroPay is that they offer you a debit card with an easy application. And unlike a credit card application, you’ll be approved so long as you have money in your account. Since it’s a Virtual Visa card, it’s totally legitimate and able to be used in places that other cards may not. The downside to EntroPay is that we’ve seen it all before. They’re just another among the hundreds of online transaction sites. And since they’re on the bandwagon of not catering to the American audience, they will probably never receive the notoriety of other esteemed sites that offer similar service.

However, what you get with EntroPay outweighs what you don’t get. With EntroPay, you have a reliable online bank that lets you make quick and easy transaction to and from thousands of different internet merchants. Throw the debit card in, and EntroPay is a solid choice for everyone outside of the U.S.