Beginners Guide To Online Betting

Millions of people from around the world enjoy online gambling, and Kiwis are a part of this community. For a person that is new to the world of online gambling, getting started can be a little overwhelming. You have several different sites that you can choose from, and the different betting options and features on these sites make for a lot of new information that a beginner will need to understand.


Millions of people around the world gamble online and New Zealanders are part of this community. It can be difficult to get started for those who aren’t familiar with online games. There are many websites to choose from and these websites have a variety of betting options and features that provide new information beginners need to know.

Online Gambling in New Zealand


If you live in New Zealand, many sites do offer online gambling. While the government does prohibit online casinos from operating within the country, it is completely legal for Kiwis to bet with online operators that are based overseas.

With online casinos that do accept players from New Zealand, you can find a great selection of games. They offer things like pokies and all of the popular table games, and you can even engage in a little sports betting.

In the past, it was hard to find casinos that specifically catered to the residents of New Zealand. This made it difficult to find sites that had good banking options for residents and it was less common to find casinos that allowed transactions in NZD. However, this has started to change in recent years. At the current time, there are several online casinos that do accept NZD Currency, and they have gone out of their way to make sure that the sites can be convenient for players that place their bets from New Zealand.

What Sites You Can Trust


As an online gambler, you also want to look at the game selection and the software provider. Consider whether the site has a good number of betting options, and see if the software is made by an established developer.

If you are trying to get the most for your gambling dollars, you should also look into the bonuses and promotions. Online casinos offer welcome bonuses to get players at the games and most have a variety of promotional programs that can be great for extending your bankroll. In addition to this, you also want to consider your banking options.

Like most Kiwis do, you probably want to make sure that they accept transactions in NZD however you have the option of playing in any currency you want to.

Beyond that, you want to make sure that the site has withdrawal and deposit options that will work for you.

The House Edge and How Odds Work

House Edge


In every game, the house has a statistical advantage. The system is designed so that a single player could make a short-term gain, but each game is designed so that over the long term and in playing against a lot of bettors, the house will always come out on top.

How Odds Work


The house edge is dictated by the odds. With some games, the odds of a player getting the better of the house are greater than in others. If you look at a game like blackjack, the house edge is about 8%. Games like craps and baccarat can have an edge that dips below 2%. Selecting low-edge games will increase your chances of winning.

Tips to Win


While the house may have an edge, there are things that a player can do to increase their chances of winning and manage their bankroll. We’ve put together a few tips below and you can also read our top 10 tips.

Careful selection of the right casino is the first step. Only play with sites that are reputable and audited for fairness. Additionally, look for a site that offers good bonuses and promotions. If you use the bonuses and promotions, it can add some serious cash to your bankroll.

Playing the games with the best odds will put you in the best position to walk away a winner. Beyond playing the right games, you can also employ strategies that will reduce the house edge. Even with the best strategies, the house will have an edge, but with smart play, you can get some games close to even.

You also want to avoid playing when you are tired or intoxicated. Some people like to drink when they play or they get so caught up in the action that they forget to take breaks. If you are fatigued or intoxicated, you are much more likely to make mistakes.

As a final tip, have some fun as you gamble. Entertainment is the whole point of the experience. Don’t get too stressed over your losses and don’t gamble money that you can’t afford to lose. If you gamble responsibly, it can be a great hobby that will offer lots of fun.